Bernie Brewer Partial

This is a picture of Bernie Brewers Slide. Bernie would slide down this slide every time the Brewers hit a home run.  Make sure you check out more of my photos.


E & H - Bernie Brewer copy

Speaking of Bernie Brewer her he is. This is a picture of Ethan and I taking a picture with Bernie.

Haley & Scoreboard 2 copy

This is a picture of Miller Park. This picture is of me in front of the Brewers score board. In the back ground you can see some of the retired numbers.

Klement's Clock 2 Master

In Miller Park there is the famous sausage race. This is a picture of the five sausages on a clock.

Miller Park from Highway

This a picture of Miller Park from the outside on the highway. I think this picture is cool because it shows the reachable roof.


In Milwaukee the tailgating is crazy before a game. As you can see all the Brewers fans come with there friends, grills and cars and tailgate before the game.

Miller Field - Sec 400.1

This is a picture that my dad took from the top of the stadium. As you can see this is a birds eye look at Miller Park.

Sausage Race 4

As I was saying earlier there is always the famous sausage race. This is sausages about to race. GO HOTDOG!

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